Javern Pond

Live Stream Broadcaster

Technology has a powerful ability to unite us around a common cause or event, and I have made it my passion to help other people make the most of technology to this end, as well. Indeed, as an avid enthusiast for all things technology, I have made it my mission to ensure that everyone can find those ideal tech solutions for all of their needs, no matter what they might be.


My name is Javern Pond, and I am a husband, father, director, and live stream engineer. Technology has always offered an incredible source of fascination for me, and throughout my life, I have pushed myself to master the tools at my disposal and learn more about potential tech opportunities.


Using the skills I have developed throughout my career, I founded Cast It, a professional live streaming service for events, special occasions, and more. Through my work, I have made it my mission to help capture those special events for which unmoving photographs simply cannot entirely do the day justice.

My work at Cast It is something that I adore. Working as a live stream operator allows me to share and immortalise the most important of stories in my clients’ lives, allowing them to look back on the magic of their big day or event for years to come.


I relish the unique challenges this role poses. Seeing the thrilled beams on the faces of satisfied clients is what keeps me doing what I love.